God’s heartbeat

I can hear God’s heartbeat

feeling His rhythm urging me on

moving forward

not just carrying on

flying on eagles wings

running the race strong

not giving up

not backing down

striving forward

being urged to carry on

walking out God’s mandate

His perfect plan for my life

for in and through and with Him

I can carry on

running the race strong

being the conqueror

His beloved

the worthy bride

for His only Son 


the promise

as he steps  in

her first urge is to step out

he looks at her

she wants to hide

tears streaming down her face

he still doesn’t get

exactly what he did

when he left

she  was all alone

had to fend for herself

while he was gone

he thought she’d gain insight

he thought she’d gain wisdom

but her heart was broken

she thought

he didn’t love her no more

but now he is back

standing so close

she feels his heart beating

rhythmically just for her

taking her in his arms

wiping the tears from her face

softly making a promise

kissing her hair

reassuring her

he’ll never leave her again

she’ll always come along

to help him stand tall


run the single track

where only He is

run in His footsteps

following His lead

run the race strong

not in own strength

but run in His joy

giving you strength

pulling you through

from beginning to end

to see His heart

feeling His heartbeat

to fall even deeper

to grow even more

running closer

experiencing Him

His love and life


His fullness only found

in His true love

in and through

His abundant life

for you are

His precious

His child

His one and only

His beloved bride

through you being in Him

others will start to see

more, much more of Him

His righteousness

shining through you

displaying His splendor

showcasing His ultimate love

and in all of that

you’ll never have to run

this single track

all on your own