this thing we call life

So where do we begin & where will it all end?

This thing we call life…

each person, every day receives 24 hours, for all of us it is all the same

some just do the work, eat & sleep routine

(not quite my cup of tea)

& then you get those who seem to be so full of life as if time has no hand on what they can & will do

those defying what is seen as the norm

not just chasing success, but chasing significance in this lifetime, wanting to leave a legacy

we have been given an abundant life – to live freely, not just being alive, but to thrive

something to think about (even just for a little while)

not seeing mistakes, but rather learning curves that has helped shape us into who we’re becoming

life is not just a moment, it is process & more than that, it is what we’re making of it

so again, it is my choice to follow the norm & do the everyday routine


trying something new, doing the things that makes me come alive & making the most of every moment…

we’ve been called to live an abundant life

will you just live or be alive or will you thrive?

(my definition of living – blessed to be a blessing, putting perspiration to inspiration grabbing life & making the most of every moment, reaching to achieve my dreams & goals & in the process inspiring those around me to also make the most of life)