a new chapter in my life’s adventure

staring at the writing on the mug that my Wolf brought my morning coffee in… it has become our little morning ritual. as he’s the first one to get out of bed & get ready for work (you see, I’m currently working from home due to some interesting times at the company I’m employed at), he makes us coffee to start the day with 🙂 & it is indeed a great way to start each day with.

& talking about great starts… if I have to think of how this all started, with him demanding a free hug & me asking if I may touch his beard… and how things developed & how we both just KNEW this is it… how our wedding day was such an incredible blessing, how everything just came together… it’s been a truly amazing start of the new chapter in our life’s adventure.

I’m smiling as I think of how truly blessed I am with how everything just came together.
little things that we did not necessarily think of that fell into place & then of course being blessed by having it rain on the day of our wedding!!
it did cause some stress, but everything worked out better than what I could have dreamed of… it was incredible 🙂 how the rain cleared at specific moments during the ceremony showcasing & highlighting the blessings that was poured out over us & our marriage!

& then, (I’m all giddy just thinking of all the photos that was taken) our photoshoot… we had so much fun & we were blessed with the most incredible backdrop for our photos!! (some photos to look at – https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.741062669344039.1073741916.334367416680235&type=3 & to contact our photographers – http://www.schinkart.com/ )

& suddenly I realise my coffee mug is empty & I think I need a refill…. (my Wolf’s coffee definitely tastes better than that which I make)