dressed for success…

I dare you to think of a biker, any biker!

I can promise you everyone has a different image popping up…. whether you think of the image & idea portrayed by the media (bikerchicks being overly sexualised & bikers looking all gritty), those bikers who really just don’t care about what they look like & wear what is comfortable or even those bikers looking like they just walked out of a bike shop with brand spanking new gear…

every single biker has their own reasons for wearing what they do & usually the type of bike you ride plays a major role in what you’ll wear…. but most of them will tell you that they dress for the slide & not just the ride AND that sweat will be chosen over blood any day!

let’s clarify (for those not acquainted with the lingo) what is meant by kit / gear…. biker kit / gear is basically that which you wear when going riding….

asking around as to what is seen as the most important piece of gear – the most prominent answer is full kit!

most answers however include to never go riding without a helmet as your head that carries your brain is probably the most important part to be protected!! (read the rest of what is to follow with the understanding that everything is of equal & vital importance, not to be left out) now with that, include a proper riding jacket – with padding in all the right places…. also a set of riding gloves…. don’t forget a good pair of riding boots to protect your feet & ankles…. & then also remember riding pants – whether it is leather / denim / or other textiles…. now don’t forget the most epic piece of awesome versatility, more commonly named the buff & just a smudge of brightness for visibility!

I guess everyone has their own perspective as to what they need to wear and what they’re comfortable with (and also what falls in their budget)…
my Wolf and I choose to wear all the gear all the time – because we choose to dress for the slide not for the ride…. the fact that we’ve seen what it is to go through a crash & have the right protection vs going through a crash without gear has settled our minds as to why we’ll gear up when we head out riding

knowing that gear can take quite a bit out of your pocket, it usually leads to not necessarily wearing full kit all the time – but wearing the most protection that you can afford… for a lot that will usually be a good helmet, a decent riding jacket & gloves. that while riding in a pair of normal jeans and standard boots. & we understand this, all because I did not have full kit to start with & we had to save up to get that which we needed to be correctly protected.

however, we’ve come across some pretty weird outfits on bikes & usually cringe at the thought of what could happen should that bike take a slide…
some of these include people with flip-flops or even some serious stilettos…. those who think it sexy to ride with a skimpy skirt / dress…. yoga (or is it rather gym) pants / or must I call it leggings (& not the padded or kevlar kind)… & I know each person has to make up their own mind of what they do want to wear….

I guess in it all, we’ll always choose to dress for the slide & not just the ride!

& now it seems that I’m truly in need of wind therapy & maybe, just maybe some coffee…

Regards from this side of the screen!

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