sitting pretty

what goes where? one of the first questions I asked before trying to climb onto a bike… (& to this day, I’ve gotten so many different answers & viewpoints). the most simplistic answer – feet on the pegs, become one with the rider & the bike & most important – SIT STILL!! (somehow, it is exactly for that reason that I’ve been pushed into learning to ride my own)

as a pillion (riding passenger), I had to learn to find the most comfortable spot – becoming one with my Wolf & the bike at the same time – seems only fair to say almost as if making love… not pinching him with my legs or constantly trying to look over his shoulder(s) in order to take charge of what was going on…. finding the perfect balance… I guess that being so comfortable (& that on a speedbike) I actually fell asleep (& it didn’t happen just once), even though we held speeds in excess of 200 km/h should say something about the way I learnt to sit on the back of the bike….

I’ve also learnt that every pillion has to find their own most comfortable seating position – although most will say the same thing… become one with the rider and the bike!! when out riding – lean with the rider, don’t fight against what they’re doing!! (& if you do feel the need to move about – forward & backwards – otherwise you might just throw the bike off balance)

something else I wondered about and found different answers & opinions on is the whole thing of where hands have to go (although most males would say – please rather hold onto us than placing hands on the bike’s tank). I found the easiest for me was holding onto my Wolf in a massive hug.

HOWEVER – the words “SIT STILL” rang in my ears very often, especially when I started to dance on that same backseat I’d fallen asleep on… I had no choice – not that I regret any moment of it… I had to learn to ride on my own!

funny enough – I asked the same question once again – what goes where!! my Wolf just laughed, told me to relax, find a comfy spot & just go!

now knowing each different style bike calls for a specific seating position that suits the bike – you as rider have to find the comfy spot that works for you! whether it is the standard / neutral riding position (an upright position with hands resting comfortably on the handle bars, back up straight & feet aligned with your shoulders on the foot pegs), the cruiser position (much like the neutral position, just with legs stretched out in front of you resting on the foot pegs) or almost crouched, leaning into your speedbike… you have to relax and have fun!

& now I’m really in need of some extreme wind therapy (but racing bikes on the pc screen will have to do…)
until the next piece pops up,
stay blessed & ride safe!!


Why is it so difficult to face a blank page with thoughts burning in your mind wanting to be imprinted on a page or to appear on a screen? & then the many questions of where to begin…

Somehow it clicks & the sentences starts to flow

I lost myself & found that my creativity & Carla spark was dying an extreme slow death… It still scares me to think that I could get so busy & in the process lost so much of myself! I fell off the wagon big time – not just mentally, but also physically…. To such a point where I found myself burning out!

In all of this I’m guilty of not paying attention to my gutfeelings (even though I would rather call it the nudgings of the Holy Spirit)… not taking it seriously…. I do believe God used friends and family around me to open my eyes to what was going on – even though I did not listen, nor wanted to take them serious… I had to emotionally & physically break down to see what they were seeing – to see the deep pit I was digging myself into.

& then the big realisation… I took a lot of unnecessary things onto my own shoulders – not allowing others to stand with or even help me. Ignoring biblical principles of allowing others to help carry my burdens, & with me being overburdened, I was not able to help others carry their burdens.

Own hurts & insecurities also over complicated so many things – especially talking about frustrations of what was going on & then to take advice… Where with many it started to feel that their ideas of what I should be attempting was more important than my actual well being – that they just wanted to say something, even when they did not have the full picture of what was truly going on. To such an extent that I did not want to share the darkness I was going through.

Thankfully I have a support network that did not give up on me, even when I was trying to push them away. & most important of all – God never let me go! I was pushed to a point where I had to take some serious introspection…

I had to make a decision to say enough is enough!! & from there I had to take the difficult steps to unburden myself & start to take care of me for the first time in a very long time… Saying it is okay not to be okay, but not getting stuck in it – to step out & get going in a relearning process of self care.

In this process I’m relearning the value of my support network, the value of time for things that lights my Carla spark & figuring out a routine that works for me. & yes, that includes taking better care of my physical & emotional health. ALSO to work on & grow my relationship with God to ensure a healthy balance in all aspects of life!

I am truly thankful for my Wolf who has stood by my side & encouraged me to not lose hope nor faith in God (even in the darkest of times where we both felt like throwing in the towel). God has truly been gracious & we have been blessed in ways that I could not even try to comprehend!! ALL HONOUR & GLORY & PRAISE TO GOD!!

until the next pieces….
kind regards from this side of the screen