toxic masculinity

WHY are we so focused on empowering women that we FORGET to teach, empower & encourage boys to grow up as men?

In the last few months it has turned my stomach & messed with my brain… Why has bashing & demonising the opposite sex, become so important in order to show the strength of women?

It has made me think of what the term toxic masculinity actually means – does it mean that being masculine is toxic? does it mean that all men are toxic? that men should not be?

Let me go back to where I believe this all started. & I know right here so many will roll their eyes & stop reading what I have to say (& that is okay).

Genesis 1:27 So God created man in His own image, in the image and likeness of God He created him; MALE and FEMALE He created them (The Amplified Bible).
We’ve been created in the image & likeness of God – that entails that we’ve been created with purpose & inborn traits that the opposite sex does not have. HOWEVER, with the fall of man (first sin by Adam & Eve – Genesis 3), the world was corrupted. MALE & FEMALE were corrupted, so much so that the purposes, innate qualities, principles, standards & truths of who we were created to be was corrupted.

If there is such a thing as toxic masculinity, then there should also be a thing as toxic femininity?

The use of the word TOXIC is subjective & damaging to all, as it is used to shame & diminish. Toxic behaviour should however be exposed by the name of the action & not by gender, for both genders, so that there can be a united fight against the actions. Taking corrective measures by instilling pride & ownership of true masculine & feminine traits. Teaching, empowering & encouraging boys & girls to grow into men & women who follow biblical standards of what it is to be a man or a woman.

Suddenly I look around & realise – each person has a role to play.
Starting at home with both parents setting the standard to be followed. Teachers, mentors & influencers not just spewing the social narrative, but truly building the next generation into becoming greater examples of how to overcome & be the best we can be. Friends & family encouraging & standing with the parents to build the next generation. NOT just allowing social media to brainwash us with leftist ideologies (wanting to destroy biblical truths & standards). Learning to dig deeper & think beyond what we see and hear.

Remember the following…

hard times create strong men
strong men create easy times
easy times create weak men
& weak men create hard times…

Do I believe there is a thing such as toxic masculinity? NO.
I do believe in traits that can be seen as toxic in both men & women – that does not make masculinity nor femininity toxic.

with my brain melting, I think I need some more coffee…
so until the next piece
be safe & be BLESSED

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