#writersbootcampZA day/post 25 – “Write about whatever you want to” (open topic)

I wear red socks on Fridays!!

the story behind the socks….

the socks for me is a visual reminder that everywhere I go, I carry an important message – that the blood of Jesus Christ has washed me clean & that it is my choice everyday to walk in the way He leads me. it’s a is a visual reminder to make the most out of life… to jump on life & squish every thing I can out of it…  to remember those who have had an impact on my life, those whom I love, those near & far!

every Friday morning there are different red sock groups doing casual runs & get togethers, celebrating health, vitality & mobility. in Bloemfontein we run/walk/jog up Naval Hill & have some coffee at the top… (for more information go check out our facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/RedSockFridayFunBloemfontein?ref_type=bookmark)

& I always have fun with the red socks… to share just some of the crazy things I get up to 🙂

playing ballerina…


sharing & caring Free Hugs & high 5’s at the comrades marathon 2014!


my red socks & polka dot shoes 🙂


red socks & the pink president


wearing red socks at the Pure Adventures Castle Lite Trail Running League 2nd event of 2014


adding some extra colour with the red socks & doing coffee in the McDonald’s playground


mmm… being stepped upon??


red sockers having some cupcakes & coffee at the feet of the Madiba statue


being silly & having fun…


these red socks connects likeminded crazies from all over the world in the quest to make the most out of life.

have a rocking red sock Friday!!