#writersbootcampZA post/day 31 – (Bonus topic) What I have learned from the Writers Bootcamp Challenge

the writers boot camp has come to an end, meaning that July has also ended (technically, today is the last day of July). weird how this month has flown by…

I’ve never been that interested in blogging, but used my blog to post my scribbelings that sort of resembles something you’d call poetry.
but I took on the challenge…

I’ve learnt to not just write down my emotions, and not just journal away, but to take you as the reader into consideration. (hoping all of this will make some sort of sense)

I’ve learnt to play with words, to read before I post, to double check that my spelling & grammar usage is correct (& wont bother the so called grammar Nazi’s)

I’ve started reading other blogs, not just those I follow, but to cast my net a bit wider & I have been pleasantly surprised as to what I’ve found along the way.

I’ve learnt to make time to write, not just to wait for inspiration or emotion that needs to be written down, but to take time & sit & write…

I’ve learnt that my writing style is my own

I’ve learnt that I do not have to compare my writing to that of someone else, it is after all my style conveying my thoughts & opinions.

I’m truly thankful for the writers boot camp, for the challenge…
now my challenge will be to continue making time to write & to actually post it to my blog!

no matter how big or small we think we are, we are blessed to be a blessing, putting perspiration to inspiration & in the process of achieving our own goals, inspiring & impacting those around us!!

#writersbootcampZA – compilation of posts, day26 – 30

finding myself staring at the screen, realising that I’ve sort of lost track of time & missed out on a couple of days’ posts from the writersbootcampZA… so I’m stealing someone else’s idea of combining those posts into one…

Day 26 – FRIENDS

I miss the tv series… don’t think I’ve watched all the seasons though (even though I’ve got a couple of friends who have all of them). was somehow always intrigued by the lives of Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Matt & Phoebe. wondering if things would actually work out for these guys. always loved the idea of the coffee shop – central perk & what it would have been like for me and my friends to have coffee there…
then, taking a look at the friends characters & my friends… weird and interesting comparisons can be made, & I can identify some characteristics of the characters in my friends.
my friends, the crazy colourful bunch that in their own unique & quirky way compliments & completes my own kind of twistedness. the ones whom I can call at any random hour after midnight whether it is for coffee or for help. those who will step out of their comfort zones to take on a challenge I’m interested in or who’ll challenge me to do the same for & with them. the people who don’t keep quiet when I’m messing up, but always there to help rebuild.
I love my friends to bits!


I believe every person should have a bucket list(a list of 100 things), and the list should be updated every year… (and a list of what was achieved should be kept)
in the last two years I’ve been challenged to take a hard look at what I actually want in life, what I see as living, what I love to do & things I want to achieve (realistically & that of which I dream to achieve).
as I believe the list should contain at least 100 things… I’ll only name a few that stands out & some of them are actually in reach of coming to fulfilment!

– meeting Kingsley Holgate, the world renown explorer (well, tonight that will happen as he’s giving a talk in Bloemfontein)
– completing the 4 peaks mountain challenge organised by Pure Adventures
– Unogwaja Challenge as support crew
– Put Foot Rally
– publishing a book with my dad
– publishing my own book…


I would rather say that politics is drama.
Politics is interesting… maybe not everyone’s cup of tea/coffee (and some need something stronger to start thinking & speaking about politics), but at some point everyone will have some sort of opinion on what is going on in politics.
It is interesting to listen to what the politicians say & to look if they are keeping their word… to look at all the contradictions & to think they run the country (if some of them would only run themselves as well)
Wondering sometimes whether the politicians are only there to keep on stroking their egos & to fill their bank accounts, or are they truly there to make a difference in the everyday life…
& if they realise that playing politics & truly managing a country is sort of, well, two very different things.

Day 29 – XRAY

from when I can remember until now has given me quite an interesting collection of x-rays…
not just x-rays that was taken, but of x-ray film/paper (whatever you want to call it), we used it as a canvas to paint on when I was still in primary school… still don’t know why we’d do that…
thinking of all the radiographers I’ve met… some were very sweet & then there were a couple along the way that was rather stern & strict (but I guess with someone like me you sometimes have to be).

Thought about listing all the different x-rays I’ve had, but not sure that it is actually such a good idea (uhm, ja well no fine, have some interesting x-rays). I know where the newest ones are, but not sure where the older ones are stored, most probably at my parents’ house… (wondering how long you’re supposed to keep those before you can actually throw them away)


I’ve learnt quite a lot over the last 30 days…

Never thought about blogging that much, rather used to just jot down some ideas (& I still prefer writing with pen and paper than typing my thoughts out). However, the writersbootcamp has given me some things to think about, & I will keep on blogging (maybe not everyday, but will try for at least once a week)

I’ve realised again the importance of reading so that I can write, what a great help google translate can be, the online dictionaries for someone like me… even though I still make grammar & spelling mistakes, I do think my writing has improved…

My writing is still my way of jotting down ideas & giving expression to the voice inside of me, putting down thoughts so they may actually make more sense in the end. Knowing that these words penned to paper or typed out will not just bring an emotional release, it is also my way of clarifying things. & somewhere in all of this I hope to make an impact (even if it is just by a funny way of putting something forward )

Ending off with something I’ve written quite some time ago (28/05/2012 to be exact)
as a writer
I’m not here
to tell you
what to think
how to feel
or even
what to see
But my job is
to challenge you
to think beyond yourself
to look further
to see
but not just see
to imagine
looking beyond
having vision
for what is
and for what is to come
not to look at me
and what I’ve done
not because of who I am
But the One living in me
the One who’s heart
I’m here to portray
so that He can ultimately
have His way
and His truth be known
to those reading this poem

#writersbootcampZA day/post 25 – “Write about whatever you want to” (open topic)

I wear red socks on Fridays!!

the story behind the socks….

the socks for me is a visual reminder that everywhere I go, I carry an important message – that the blood of Jesus Christ has washed me clean & that it is my choice everyday to walk in the way He leads me. it’s a is a visual reminder to make the most out of life… to jump on life & squish every thing I can out of it…  to remember those who have had an impact on my life, those whom I love, those near & far!

every Friday morning there are different red sock groups doing casual runs & get togethers, celebrating health, vitality & mobility. in Bloemfontein we run/walk/jog up Naval Hill & have some coffee at the top… (for more information go check out our facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/RedSockFridayFunBloemfontein?ref_type=bookmark)

& I always have fun with the red socks… to share just some of the crazy things I get up to 🙂

playing ballerina…


sharing & caring Free Hugs & high 5’s at the comrades marathon 2014!


my red socks & polka dot shoes 🙂


red socks & the pink president


wearing red socks at the Pure Adventures Castle Lite Trail Running League 2nd event of 2014


adding some extra colour with the red socks & doing coffee in the McDonald’s playground


mmm… being stepped upon??


red sockers having some cupcakes & coffee at the feet of the Madiba statue


being silly & having fun…


these red socks connects likeminded crazies from all over the world in the quest to make the most out of life.

have a rocking red sock Friday!!


#writersbootcampZA day/post 24 – what’s on my desk / in my handbag / in my pocket / in my car

my life is filled with all sorts of random things…
so to give you a little snippet of what I surround myself with on a daily basis, here goes nothing…

what’s on my desk
– a bunch of colourful sticky notes
– my oversized teddy bear mug filled with all sorts of writing instruments
– my pencil case filled with colourful pens
– my diary
– desk calendar (which sort of looks like a colouring book)
– my in & out box with all sorts of documents
– coffee…
– a bottle of water
– office stationery (gadgets)

what’s in my handbag
– well… it’s not called the big bag of everything and nothing for nothing…
– the joke is that my life is in my bag…
– some make up goodies
– lady stuffs
– money
– asthma pump
– keys
– pens & some paper

in my pocket
– mmm… usually tissues & lip balm
(that is if what I’m wearing has some sort of pockets)

in my car
– goodness gracious me
– free hugs & high 5’s
– water pistols
– camping chairs
– picnic blankets
– a toolbox
– the car’s manual
– extra light bulbs & fuses
– a warm jacket
– sunglasses
– fishing line
– an umbrella
– first aid kit
– fire extinguisher

well… mmm… think I might have missed some things… but that is almost everything…

#writersbootcampZA day/ post 23 – music

I’ve heard so many times that music makes the world go round…

if you listen carefully, you’ll be able to hear music wherever you are. the traffic, cars driving past, the rhythm of people walking past, the kettle boiling in the background, someone typing on a computer keyboard (maybe not the typical thing you’d call music)…

most people will tell you that sounds created by musical instruments & added vocals is what music is. well, for me (& don’t get me wrong, that is definitely music too) music is whatever sounds portray & express some sort of emotion.

the big thing with all music is that it expresses & portrays emotion! that is why when you hear certain music you’ll immediately feel a certain emotion, or it will take you back to a memory of a certain situation & experience which is linked to some sort of emotion.

that is why music is used all around to set the scene, to stir anticipation, to create awareness of what’s going on & what’s about to happen. (just try look at a movie without sound & then add the sound on later or try putting on a total different soundtrack) music can make or brake a scene.
that is also why music is used to convey messages – you’ll remember a song better than what you’ll remember a speech… message & emotion intertwined with music 🙂

#writersbootcampZA day/post21 – utter randomness

wondering about the so called earworm after having the most random songs stuck in my mind the last couple of days…

just to clarify, according to Wikipedia
– An earworm, sometimes known as a brainworm,[1] is a catchy piece of music that continually repeats through a person’s mind after it is no longer playing.[2] Phrases used to describe an earworm include musical imagery repetition, involuntary musical imagery, and stuck song syndrome.[1][3][4] The word earworm is a calque from the German Ohrwurm[5] and was, according to Oliver Sacks, first used in the 1980s.[1]

utter randomness trying to not sing or hum along to the merry tunes that’s been on repeat in my mind… trying to figure out where I’ve picked these songs up is still proving to be difficult, & yet, even almost pointless.
at least each day has had its own playlist, & at least it’s not the same playlist every day!

so wondering if I should dare put down in words what these random songs have been for the last couple of days… maybe I should, & try get it out of my system (trying to listen to it or singing it hasn’t really helped.)

wondering if it’s not been my mind’s way of telling me to liven up a little bit, or even to have & to make some noise. maybe it’s a way of telling me that there is something that I’m longing for, or missing… oh well…

take a look at the mini playlist & decide for yourself, but I find it utterly random!
– Chelsea Football Club anthem (Blue is the colour)
– ek ry in my ou karretjie
– Jeremiah was a bullfrog
– sing sing a liedjie (‘n voortrekker liedjie)
– seven nation army